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Finally, a blog 🚀


The start

Since the dusk of my software development career, I've always maintained some sort of website that hosted a little bit of information about me; including my portfolio. From a Github pages site to a free domain name obtained through the Github Students' pack, and finally to a domain that I bought and paid for. Progress, right? All this while, I never wanted to go for an established blogging platform; say Medium or Ghost. I wanted to keep everything within my control.

But the main challenge was time to allocate time myself and write code for that particular website. Spoiler alert: I never did.

So, how does this web page your currently reading come into existance? Well, I used the Tailwind Next.js Starter Blog template. (Shout outs to the maintainers!) With a bit of customization, I was good to go.

Why choose the Tailwind Next.js Starter Blog template?

  • Better SEO
  • Markdown support.
  • Familiar tech stack (Nextjs)
  • Easy customization

Tools used

  • Markdown (MDX variant)
  • Nextjs
  • Namecheap for domain
  • Vercel with a custom domain set up
  • Zoho for custom email. (A generous free plan - upto 5 addresses)
  • Google Analytics

Let me know what your thoughts are about this article Cheers!

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