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Choosing a Framework



I'm faced with the task of choosing a backend stack for a new project. At the back of my mind, I knew that I wanted to use Golang due to:

  • It's statically typed (I do not to use an external type system, e.g if I chose Javascript)
  • Simpler syntax (only 25 reserved words)
  • Concurrency
  • Blazing fast
  • Easy to learn

But, then I had to choose a framework to use for the API. 🤔 Below are the questions that guided my thinking before making the decision.

  • What factors did I have to keep in mind?
  • What framework has the features that any project would need (e.g CORS) while building an API?
  • What are the pitfalls that I need to avoid e.g performance and complexity?
  • Which framework has a lower learning curve for the rest of the team (both present and past)?
  • Which one has better documentation and support online?

I ended up choosing Gin, because:

  • It's fast (It used a radix tree-based routing to speed things up)
  • Middleware support
  • Simpler
  • Supports different data formats: JSON, XML & HTML.


The above is a mental framework that could be applied whenever faced with making a technical decision, e.g relating to frameworks or a language. The popular adage, "It depends", holds true in this case. Be ready to realistically look at the pros and cons of each technology before making a decision.

Let me know what your thoughts are about this article Cheers!

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