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Can the human experience be translated into code?

The problem

Members of an alien species from far away in the cosmos have visited planet Earth. They would like to understand and eventually re-model or replicate the human experience so as to adequately prepare for an invasion.

alien invasion

They own a spy spaceship that they constantly use to study the movement and daily interactions of humans (hoomans in canine language) as they live through the human experience.

Picture yourself, an individual going about your day - just like you do every other day that passes but with slight variations in your schedule. For example, every morning you wake up, dress up, commute to work, collaborate with colleagues and knock off at the end of the day.

The solution

What if we used you/me as input to a gigantic single variadic function that computes our characteristics as living, breathing and metabolizing molecular organisms?

Some questions the aliens would have to answer first:

  • How many parameters would the function take?
  • And what programming paradigm would the aliens use if they wanted to effectively and efficiently capture the nitty gritties of living as a human?
  • Are routines static or dynamic?
  • Can some humans be considered as outliers (with distinct characteristics from the rest)?
  • How much time would it take to gather requirements (domain knowledge, huh) for the problem space?
  • How long would it take for the alien programmers to translate the problem space into code?
  • What constraints do they have to deal with (e.g aggression from the humans upon sight)?
  • Who will lead the project?
  • How much resources are (physical, financial, psychological) needed for the entire project?
  • Who are the stakeholders e.g do other alien species need to be contacted for support during the course of the mega project?


The above is a stripped down version of the processes that describe how (most) software teams (with input from the management and other stakeholders) approach domain level knowledge translation into technical implementations (code or otherwise) for a software project to be undertaken.

Let me know what your thoughts are about this article Cheers!

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